Saturday, February 27, 2016

Chelsea, New York

These are the last pictures I wanted to share with you from my New York trip. Most of the pictures below were taken in the Chelsea neighborhood when Sandra and I visited the Chelsea market. There were plenty of chic boutiques inside and although tempting, I didn't go on a shopping spree. I only bought a perfume bottle with pump. I always wanted one of those. 

I remembered I promised you to tell you about my evening on Broadway. I was a fan of the Phantom of the Opera for the longest time. I only saw videos on YouTube from various performances and the Phantom of the Opera 2004 movie. I knew all the lyrics to the songs and when I heard that the show is coming to Bucharest last year I was so excited I couldn't sleep.
I was very disappointed though when I found out it's going to be translated for the Romanian audience. No offence to my fellow Romanians and the amazing cast that played at the National Theatre of Operetta"Ion Dacian", but I din't feel like buying tickets afterwards. 

I decided to wait and see the Phantom of the Opera live for the first time the way I always pictured it in my head, in English. The opportunity arose when I was in New York three months ago, I immediately jumped at the chance and it was one of the best experiences of my life. I was blown away by how perfect everything was. The cast was brilliant, the costumes were amazing and I wouldn't mind if I had to watch it a million times. I highly recommend it. 

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Oversized denim jacket

Don't worry, you landed on the correct page. Yes, my hair is blue. "Why"you might ask. I asked myself the same question. You probably know that I was pretty conservative when it came to my hairstyle all these years that I have been blogging. I never dyed my hair and I rarely changed haircuts. So to dye my hair blue is very bold and unusual for me, correct? 

Well, the story behind this is that I never wanted this color. All I wanted was to cover my grey hair that was becoming more and more of an issue to me. I also wanted to boost my morale after being sick/in pain for the whole month of January. Easier said than done apparently because I went to a salon asking for a dark grey hair color and I ended up with blue hair. After 6 hours of being bored out of my mind at the salon (really, I don't know how women stand this) after 2 failed attempts to get my hair dark grey, I gave up and went home.

It's funny because I was really expecting "granny hair, but I got "my little pony hair" instead.
But what has been working out for me lately anyway?