Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Perfect summer dress

Hi! These are some pictures that I took in May when the first heatwave hit Bucharest this year. I knew that when temperatures reach 30 degrees Celsius you have to be prepared and face the weather like a man woman. What better way to do that than to wear a pretty leaf print dress while strolling around one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Bucharest, Cotroceni, that feels like a small oasis in the hot city and grabbing a lemonade?

I found this dress at H&M and loved its print, affordable price and the fact that it could be worn in the hottest days without compromising on style or comfort. 
I know it can be tempting to wear very short, very sheer, almost transparent, clothes and bare everything in public in the summer, but you can find a better way.
Just wear something that represents you and doesn't make you sweat like a Game of Thrones season finale.
Until next time, stay cool!