Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Oversized denim jacket

Don't worry, you landed on the correct page. Yes, my hair is blue. "Why"you might ask. I asked myself the same question. You probably know that I was pretty conservative when it came to my hairstyle all these years that I have been blogging. I never dyed my hair and I rarely changed haircuts. So to dye my hair blue is very bold and unusual for me, correct? 

Well, the story behind this is that I never wanted this color. All I wanted was to cover my grey hair that was becoming more and more of an issue to me. I also wanted to boost my morale after being sick/in pain for the whole month of January. Easier said than done apparently because I went to a salon asking for a dark grey hair color and I ended up with blue hair. After 6 hours of being bored out of my mind at the salon (really, I don't know how women stand this) after 2 failed attempts to get my hair dark grey, I gave up and went home.

It's funny because I was really expecting "granny hair, but I got "my little pony hair" instead.
But what has been working out for me lately anyway?

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