Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Brooklyn, New York

My year is off to a good start. NOT. I am now in bed fighting a nasty cold and drinking more cups of tea than the entire United Kingdom's population. Well, at least I have the pictures from New York to cheer me up. Here are some I got while taking the ferry on East River that connects Brooklyn to Manhattan. Below you'll see two massive suspension bridges, each over 100 years old, Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan Bridge. I could tell you that the best view of Manhattan skyline is from Brooklyn, but then again, I haven't seen the skyline from the Top of the Rock or Empire State Building to make a comparison. 

On the day we visit Brooklyn there were 16-18 Celsius degrees which made the walk across Brooklyn on our way back to Manhattan not only possible, but pleasant. In December it's usually bitterly cold and windy on the bridge, so we were extremely lucky to be able to enjoy the walk. 

Excuse me if I am not too talkative today, but I must go back to being miserable for the rest of my day. Gotta love flu. NOT.