Monday, December 28, 2015

New York City

This December was the best month of my life. I got to spend 2 weeks in New York city and if you heard the news, this winter was surprisingly warm in NYC. I am talking about 16-18 Celsius degrees. Lucky me! I was able to walk around the city for 10-11 hours/day and enjoy this city as much as possible without turning into a snowwoman snowman like I initially thought when I booked my flight in November. 

New York is the city you see all the time in movies, music videos, TV shows and before you arrive there you think you pretty much know what to expect. Boy, I had no clue what was going to feel like to actually be there. As soon as I saw the skyscrapers, the city lights, the crowded streets I felt so much at home I can't even explain. The hype is real! That's all I can say, the hype is real. I especially liked Central Park, taking a stroll through this park was the highlight of my trip, I also loved Times Square, Rockefeller Center and I will never forget the feeling I had when I saw my favorite play ever, "The Phantom of The Opera", on Broadway. I shed tears of joy. Best experience of my life, but this in another post. Stay tuned. 

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