Sunday, June 7, 2015

Pastel coat

Long time no see. Been a few busy months. I got married, moved to a new apartment and decorated my new home. Don't worry, I didn't elope. There will be pictures from my wedding. I only got married at the city hall on March 17th because it was the anniversary of when we first met three years ago. The wedding party will be this July and I will share tons of pictures of course.
The final countdown has begun and I still have a lot of things to take care of until our big day. 
So, before I freak out and start hyperventilating, let me show you some pictures I took last month while I was visiting a beautiful city, Iasi. Below you ca see pictures of the gorgeous, breathtaking, Palace of Culture that was built almost a century ago. 
I was wearing my pastel coat I bought online at H&M (hooray for the launch of the Romanian online shopping page) and my first pair of stiletto shoes. I always thought it would be uncomfortable to wear such shoes, but turns out they are comfy and super stylish. I bought since then another pair. 
Got to run now, guys! Enjoy your weekend.

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