Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Bride to be

4 days left and I didn't turn into a Bridezilla...yet. I am too chill and that worries me. What if this is the calm before the storm? What if I go nuts just before I walk down the aisle? As long as I don't pull a Julia Roberts on him we should be good. Truth to be told, you can avoid unnecessary causes of stress when you plan a wedding. All you have to do is be true to yourself and to not do things that you are not comfortable with or you not relate to. I saw a lot of young couples that tried to please everyone else around them and they forgot themselves in the process. Yes, your parents and friends will try to tell you what food you should add to your menu, who you should invite, or what playlist you should have on your wedding day, but don't forget that you can't simply redo the wedding if you realize that it didn't even feel like it was your wedding you went to. Who are these people? Do I know them? What is that awful music playing?
Stay strong fellow brides to be. May the force (and the good weather) be with you.

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