Saturday, January 24, 2015

Parka coat

Hello! I know it's been while, but I have been super busy looking for a wedding dress and planning an office party. So, I am very excited to announce that I have said yes to the dress. I was very lucky that it only took me 1 week and a half to find "the dress". After the first couple of days of trying on many dresses I thought that I was going to end up wearing a white sheet with a belt around the waist on my wedding day. That's how discouraged I felt in the beginning. All of the dresses that were displayed in the bridal shops were either too shiny or had too much going on. Bows, rhinestones, ruffles, cleavage, volume, so much volume! Does everyone want to look like Cinderella? All I wanted was a beautiful dress that was simple, yet impressive. Mission accomplished! 

A piece of advice for future brides. Be prepared to look around a lot and have nervous breakdowns. The key is to not lose hope and know that the perfect dress for you is out there somewhere. It's a lot like dating if you think about it. You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince.