Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Hi! These are the last days of the year and now is the time when everyone thinks about their previous new year's resolutions and see where they stand at the end of the year. My resolution for this year was to act more, postpone less. I believe I was able to accomplish this and I am proud of it. We've had a new, wonderful addition to our family, Yuki. I invested more time in my hobbies, discovered new cultures and traveled to some beautiful places.
I feel like there is still plenty of room for improvement though, so I will be sharing my new resolutions at the beginning of 2015.
Now, a little story behind my outfit. I bought these knee-high boots last week during a 70-80 % off sale. I paid less than 17 euros for these beauties. Lucky me!!! I also found this shawl at a Christmas market that day. I just love the gorgeous floral pattern in traditional Russian style. 

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Laura Tenshi said...

Those boots were surely a steal! And that shawl is just so gorgeous!! <3

Sounds like it's been a good year for you...here's to an even more wonderful 2015!!! :)