Monday, June 2, 2014

Digital Diva Awards 2014

Thank God it's Monday. I mean it, no sarcasm behind my words. Last week was officially my worst week this year and I couldn't wait to leave everything behind and start afresh. 

The new week brings some exciting news for my blog already. My blog has been selected as a nominee for the second edition of Digital Divas Awards

I registered my blog in the "Best Use of Photography in Blogging" category and I was very happy to see that I made the final cut alongside my dear friends, Sandra and Eve. I am rooting for you, girls! You know I am one of your biggest fans.

I am very excited to attend the only major, beauty, fashion and lifestyle event dedicated to the active women in social media. The Digital Divas Awards 2014 will be held tomorrow, June 3rd, at Ghika Palace. See you there!

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Laura Tenshi said...

what a cute pink purse! have fun at the Digital Divas!

cute & little