Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Denim shirt

Hi! I hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend. I took these photos this Sunday while strolling the Matasari street. The urban fair, Femei pe Matasari, reached its 4th edition this year and, in my opinion, also reached its goal to change people's perception about the infamous street.
Once know as a place of depravity and immorality, the street is now the place where empowered come together and help each other thrive. The Femei pe Matasari event has exceeded the concept of a fair and has become a cultural movement.
I hope you enjoy the photos. 

I am wearing Meli Melo straw hat and necklace, La Mode Toujours skirt, Vero Moda denim shirt and BB-up sandals.

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Laura Tenshi said...

I really like your outfit!