Sunday, May 11, 2014

Boyfriend jeans

I love this pair of jeans. Wow. Never thought I would hear myself use love and jeans in the same sentence. I've always had problems finding a pair of jeans, or pants for that matter, that fit me perfectly everywhere. I kid you not, the odds of me running into Sasquatch were much bigger than me finding the perfect pair of jeans. 
So, as a protest, I stopped wearing pants/jeans altogether and wore skirts and dresses exclusively. Well, my faith in jeans has now been restored! I found the (almost) perfect pair of boyfriend jeans at H&M yesterday. I will live in these until they turn into rags, even in the summer when the temperature is 40°C.  


1 comment:

Laura Tenshi said...

Laura, again in jeans! You are like the Halley comet, haha :D
You look great in them, but what I love the most is the baaaag! O.O