Friday, May 30, 2014

Avanpremiere 14

Hi! Yet another edition of Avanpremiere Fest has ended. The 14th edition of Avanpremiere took place in the magical national museum of contemporary art. Seven talented designers presented their Fall-Winter 2014/2015 collections. My favorite collection, Villa Della Signorina, was signed by Natalia Vasiliev and I am sure this statement doesn't surprise anyone since I always declare my admiration for her magnificent work.
I would like to apologize for the quality of the pictures. Turns out it's pretty hard to capture the road runner models when your head is spinning and you have a fever. For more and better pictures from the fashion show, please visit Avanpremiere's Facebook page here

Any tips on how to get rid of a flu faster? It's been 5 days already and I would like to enjoy the coming weekend. Yes, I had tea. In fact, I drank more tea than any Englishman this week.
Let me know please.

R'ias Couture - "Muse"- Madalina Vlad (head accessories) 
 Alexandru Nimurad- "4D"
 Natalia Vasiliev - "Villa Della Signorina FW2014-15"
Simona Semen - "Chiaroscuro FW2014-15"
 Rhea Costa - "AW 2014/2015"
 Carmen Secareanu - "Toamna iarna 2014/2015"
 Serghei Yachenin - "COLECTIA TOAMNA-IARNA 2014/2015"

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Laura Tenshi said...

I loved the colors from Natalia's collection and some pieces, but not all. Also, I found Simona Semen's collection quite interesting too.
Oh..I wish I was there too to view them all :(