Saturday, April 26, 2014


PAS DU TOUT launched its spring-summer 2014 collection, I LOVE NUEVA YORK, on Thursday during an exclusive event. The fifth collection PAS DU TOUT, signed by Madalina Dorobantu, is a tribute to fair play. I LOVE NUEVA YORK is an embodiment of simplicity and casualness accessorized with the carefree attitude of the people living in the Big Apple.

Inspired by the energy and the mixture of cultures that define New York, the collection highlights pieces that are the perfect combination between daring, unusual textures and colors. The pieces of the collection are made out of fabrics such as leather, lace, silk, net, quilt and braided flax.
Madalina Dorobantu says: "I am absolutely fascinated by New York City and its people that have a powerful attitude and strong personalities. The people that live here came from all over the world and this city reflects a variety of cultural influences. I can certainly relate myself to this collection that surprises NYC's vibe so well."

The I LOVE NUEVA YORK collection can be found in PAS DU TOUT's showroom located on Virgil Madgearu, 15-17, street and in the concept stores Entrance and The Place.

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Laura Tenshi said...

Interesting location and interesting collection. However those headpieces.. why?!