Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Snow White

Hi! Remember when I said on Halloween that I can't pretend I am someone or something else, not even for a day because I would find myself breaking character and the whole point of wearing a costumer is being as convincing as possible for your look to succeed?

Well, my friends from Bucharest Style made me change my mind a couple of weeks ago when they asked me to be part of a fun project. I am surprised I was able to keep this secret for so long. I usually spill the beans and ruin everything.

Anyway, the surprise was unveiled yesterday at Bucharest Style's anniversary party and for those who couldn't attend, let me explain why I am holding an apple in my hand.
The project that Raluca and Silvia wanted me to be part of was a photoshoot with fellow bloggers where we would dress up like characters from Oscar winning movies.

Of course, my biggest challenge was to choose a character. I remembered that every since I was a child people would call me "Snow White" because I was pale all the time. The other nickname kids gave me growing up was "Laura the Dragon"(it's funny if you translate it to Romanian because it rhymes) It was a tough decision (NOT), but I decided to go with "Snow White" in the end.

Once the character was picked, I had to find the perfect dress and the perfect apple (if you do your grocery shopping at the supermarkets you understand why this can be a difficult task)

Cristina, the designer behind La Mode Toujours, was kind enough to give me this dress for the shooting and I want to thank her for the support!

The last piece of the puzzle was the location. What better place for a Disney princess than a palace? Yes, that's right. These pictures were taken inside Spayer palace in Bucharest that is now known as Inspayer Bistro

What do you think? Do I look like Disney's favorite heroine?

Many thanks go to Florina Dumitrache Film and Photography for the wonderful pictures.


Laura Tenshi said...

Your outfit is amazing. Nice story by the way.

Laura Tenshi said...

Super cool pics

Awesome outfit!! Nice work <3


Laura Tenshi said...

<3 thank you