Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Bucegi Mountains--Babele Rock Formation and the Sphinx

Hi! My name is Laura and I will be your personal tour guide for Romania from now on.
Let's say you are planning a trip to Romania and you don't know where to start. 
Who you gonna call? Not Ghostbusters, but me. Write my number down. It's 867-5309/Laura
I am just kidding. I will not take calls. I will however take pictures of my beautiful country and share them on my blog.

First stop Bucegi. This is the perfect place for tourists to walk among some of the most breathtaking mountain sceneries in the world.
The Bucegi Mountains are located in central Romania, south of the city Bra┼čov. They are part of the Southern Carpathians group of the Carpathian Mountains.

Two major tourist attractions can be found here. One of them is the Sphinx , an old stone looking like a human face, apparently formed by wind erosion. This giant human head rock on has sparked the interest of many along the years.
The second, Babele that translates to "Old Women”, a rock formation resembling human silhouettes.

Pretty impressive, right? Stay tuned for more of the new"Traveling to Romania" series.


Laura Tenshi said...

OMG, we have such a wonderful country.
Thanks for sharing!


Laura Tenshi said...

You're very talented. I love your writing. Your pictures are stunning.