Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Greetings from the seaside!

Hi! I am back from a short trip to the seaside. Yep, still pale as ever. Guess you can't get a sun-kissed skin when you hide underneath a beach straw umbrella and play with a cute fury ball all day long. But seaside isn't all about getting a tan, splashing in the water and having a heatstroke. It's about romantic walks along the shore and discovering new activities and places. 

I launched a sky lantern for the very first time, I floated above the city in a cable car (note to self: next time don't ruin the fun for others by screaming for your mommy and saying that we are all going to die) and I visited the beautiful old casino, the emblem of the Constanta city located on the waterfront. 
I just had the most wonderful time and I'm really looking forward to my next trip in September.

I was wearing a New Yorker bathing suit, a H&M kimono, skirt and top, Meli Melo straw hat and sunnies and BB up sandals.