Sunday, November 3, 2013

Isabel Marant pour H&M collection

Isabel Marant's highly anticipated H&M collaboration will hit the stores in a couple of weeks. I dropped by H&M's showroom last week and took a look at the collection.
I am going through a minimalist phase right now, so I found myself being inspired and wowed by the chunky knitwear, the classic wool coats, the feminine dresses and skirts, the cropped pants and cool signature boots and accessories that I saw.

Sandra and Evelina (you can see them in the pictures below trying out some of the clothes on display) loved the collection too. 

We will all be counting the days till November 14th to get our hands on these beauties.


Costin M said...

Truthfully I can't wait to see the collection in stores! Your description sounds amazing, as well as the photos, of course!

Costin M

32minutes50 said...

Do you know which H&M store in Seoul the collection is going to be?