Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Floral print shirt

Two posts in one week? I may be suffering from heat stroke. S.O.S!
Just kidding, guys. You know I would post everyday, but you see... The laziness and extreme weather (mostly laziness) get in the way. 

When it's summer, it's too hot and I melt like a popsicle before taking a picture. And believe me when I say that me covered in sweat is not a pretty sight. 
When it's winter I dress like an Eskimo just to make it through the cold and even if I do wear something cute it's hard to convince someone to take my picture because nobody wants a frostbitten hand from holding the camera. What is a blogger to do?

OK. Drama queen has left the building. Now let's talk about this gorgeous floral print shirt I bought from Tina R. I was never a fan of button up shirts because they reminded me a lot of my school uniform, but leave it to floral print to make a button up shirt look good to me.
So I bought the shirt in a heartbeat and since that day I bought two more button up shirts. Long sleeved button shirts....Not a smart move I know, but they were too cute to resist. 
You will see what I mean soon.


Nana said...

pretty shirt! and you look gorgeous :)

Anupriya DG said...

I love your pleated skirt and it looks so perfect paired with that pretty floral shirt! <3

Anaivilo said...

I am crazy about the shirt! So lovely and the colors are great! :D Looks really cute with that hat too :)

Emanuel I. said...

Superba tinuta!

Daniela Macsim said...

Totul arata atat de bine!♥