Friday, April 5, 2013

Denim Jacket

For as long as I can remember Coca-Cola has been my favorite beverage. I used to drink large excessive quantities of it. That's probably the reason I was very much like a spinning top my entire childhood. Too much sugar can do that to a kid.
But then as time passed, I learned to keep my addiction to fizzy drinks under control. I was doing great until I took my first sip of Coca-Cola Cherry.
Now I have to fight the urge to shop at the supermarkets where it can be found. 
Any tips on how I can strengthen my willpower?


Boheme.Fille said...

Love how you combined the silky skirt with the sporty sneakers! Looks great!

Emanuel I. said...

Imi place si mie mixul cu sneakersi.
Si Cola.

Lovely Darlings said...

Fustita e suuuperba si imi plac enorm adidasii!
In ceea ce priveste Coca Cola, si eu am fost dependenta si sunt fericita ca de o luna nu am mai baut, succes si tie!


The Lovely Darlings