Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Beige and magenta

Hi! Or should I say, brrrr! I tried to go out and take some outfit pictures today, but after just one minute of being exposed to that merciless cold I've changed my mind and ran back inside. 

So, there I was, with no pictures and absolutely nothing to write about on my blog, when I remembered I have a hidden stack of pictures in my computer for this kind of emergency.
I took these pictures last spring and they didn't make the cut back then. Now, with no material I guess they will have to do.
I am wearing a vintage beige shirt, a magenta pleated skirt from Paga Shop and Mini Prix shoes.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Electric blue blouse

Hi ! Don't let the smile on my face fool you, I'm  actually pretty mad.
Why, you ask? Well, it has been snowing constantly for the last 4-5 days and everything is covered in snow.
I blame Vaughn Monroe for this! "Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!", was it?
I say: "Make it stop Make it stop! Make it stop!" 
I guess there's an upside to this white nightmare though. I took some pictures and I must say the view is breathtaking.
I am wearing a dress from H&M, a random brand blouse and brown boots and a clutch from YKY.m
Until next time, stay warm and think spring!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Oksana Russian Hair & Beauty Salon

Hi. So, since I seem to vanish off the surface of the Earth ( Blogosphere ) so often and leave you guys wondering what I am up to, I figured I will start a new section on my blog called "Events" to show you that just because I'm not very active online, it doesn't mean I am not a social butterfly( more like a caterpillar, actually ) 

I will start by showing you pictures from the wonderful event I attended this Monday. 
I went to Oksana Russian Hair & Beauty Salon and as you can notice in the following pictures, I had my hair braided there. I was so pleased with the result! I wanted to sleep like a bat just so I won't mess up my hair. 
I also meet my lovely blogger friends and ate one of the most delicious piece of cake.

Now let me tell you some words about this fabulous hair and beauty salon.
Oksana Russian Hair & Beauty este un salon cu specific rusesc, creat pentru doamne,
domni si copii, un salon care ofera servicii de hairstyle, tratamente faciale si corporale,
manichiura si pedichiura si servicii precum home care, seara burlacitelor si gold,
platinum & black gift cards.
Oksana Salon, se diferentiaza de celelalte saloane din Bucuresti nu numai prin serviciile
de top, realizate de specialistii pregatiti la Moscova, ci si prin atmosfera intima din cadrul
salonului, prin ceaiul servit din samovarul traditional, dupa ritalul rusesc, muzica ruseasca si
papusile Matrioska, care toate te imbie la relaxare si destindere, facandu-te sa uiti de lumea

Oksana Russian Hair & Beauty Salon isi asteapta clientii pe Str.Putul lui Zamfir, nr.15