Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Suede over the knee boots

Every autumn I decide to buy suede boots and every autumn I realize it's a bad idea. As much as I love suede shoes, keeping them spotless, soft and supple in this season is quite challenging. 
I have to watch my step all the time and watch the weather forecast before leaving home every day. 
I remember this one time when I was wearing the infamous UGG boots and it started pouring like crazy.
I had to seek shelter inside a shopping mall for 5-6 hours until the rain stopped. Oh, the humanity! 


The Hearabouts said...

Yeah, suede is problematic but it looks too good to pass.

Lovelove the boots and you look so adorable with the earmuffs. And the pics came out beautiful, I adore the colours.


Dorina said...

Foarte frumoasa tinuta si culorile sunt adorabile :)

Anaivilo said...

Oh you look great and the boots are charming!! I miss you too, dar hey, poate ne vedem la Avanpremiere, daca mergi ;)

Raluca said...

I looove earmuffs!


Sacramento Amate said...

My beautiful Laura, I am glad that your work and life are so good that you hardly have time to blog.
Take it easy, and above all be happy, the rest doesn´t matter.

Miyaka said...

I know exactly how you feel! I have a super comfortable pair of suede boots that I'm DYING to wear but recently it has been raining nonstop where I live =(
Love your earmuffs though! =D


chocolatefashioncoffee said...

amazing outfit! have the same dress!


Anupriya DG said...

LOVE your ear muffs, girl! And the colors in the outfit too...that floral print adds a dash of brightness! :)

skinny buddha said...

I love the boots, and the dress has such nice colors. I was a little bit on the fence at first about the short trench, but it actually looks really good. now I love it!

edie pop said...

Your boots are amazing, and every colour is just perfect for the autumn mood.I love the floral print of the skirt and the leopard earmuffs!

kittenhood said...

suede is so pretty and pretentious! I love/hate it :) especially in light colors, and that goes for bags, too! however, you look lovely in florals and with the ear muffs!

Nina Lioness said...

I have the same thoughts about suede boots!
btw, love the whole look, esp. dress and boots!


ASparklyHanger said...

pretty girl in a pretty outfit!

Emanuel I. said...

Fusta sau rochia e adorabila!

Anna Pope said...

My mom always buys suede boots and always gives up on them at the first rainy day so I end up collecting them :)) They're hard to keep pretty but they are beautiful so maybe worth it a bit.

Love the earmuffs!

GIrin said...
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GIrin said...

Fabulous post with all I ever wanted to know about fitting into boots! Love the choices.

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