Friday, September 28, 2012

Color block bag

Hi! I hope you don't mind the overdose of color. I've had these photos in my computer for some time now and after debating with myself whether I should post these up,  or not, I decided that everyone needs a little rainbow in their life. Just think of me as a bag of Skittles on wedges.
On killer, color block wedges. And when I say killer, I mean it! I almost broke my neck walking around in these.
Note to self: Avoid cobblestone streets next time.
I am wearing a black top from New Yorker, vintage skirt, Bershka wedges, Pull&Bear necklace and gorgeous bag from the The Bag Shop.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Moja Attitude Collection Preview

Last week I was invited to the preview of one fierce collection. With leather as the central theme, Moja Attitude Collection is dedicated to powerful, urban women who know want they want and they get what they want.
I mean, it's hard to say no to a woman, especially if she's wearing a pair of tight leather pants, right? 
But this collection isn't all about leather. You will be surprised by the unusual fabrics, textures mixed together like lace, velvet, veil and jersey.
All in all, the collection accentuates all aspects of a woman's femininity: sensuality, mystery, creativity and gives women strength, energy and ATTITUDE.  
The pieces of this collection are very affordable and fresh so be sure to grab them here:

Sunday, September 16, 2012

A trip to the seaside

I recently celebrated my 24th birthday, probably my best year to date, at the seaside. It was a short-birthday vacation, but nevertheless it was a memorable one.
Being a workaholic and a control freak I don't really like taking time away from daily routine, but I admit that everyone needs a little relaxation once in a while.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Anna Dello Russo H&M Accessories Collection

You know what you need? A fashion shower! Anna Dello Russo, famous fashionista and editor of 'Vogue Nippon", has joined forces with my favorite clothing brand, H&M, and designed an accessories line for the high street chain.
I was lucky enough to get a sneak peek at this extravagant accessories collection at the H&M showroom in Bucharest a couple of days ago and couldn't get enough of all of the turquoise (or macaroons)
One of the lessons that Anna has been teaching us is that "Flashy jewels personalize your style" and her flamboyant, glamorous and playful style is reflected in her collection.
On October 4th, the Anna Dello Russo for H&M ACCESSORIES collection will be out! You can shop these amazing embellished sunglasses, charm necklaces, pointy gold boots, hard shell luggage and much more.
So be sure to mark this date in your calendar!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

V for Verde

- targul mintilor deschise –

Duminica, 30 septembrie 2012 intre orele 11 si 20:00, prima editie V for VERDE transforma Villa Barrio (strada Biserica Amzei, nr. 30) in cel mai verde-aprins loc din Bucuresti. Targul mintilor deschise e manifestul oamenilor care stiu sa se bucure de viata in ciuda orasului gri, deadline-urilor si traficului.

V for VERDE e targul care te vrea vesel, activ si alert. Ateliere de gatit, retete raw vegane, degustari si vanzare de bunatati bio, intalniri cu designeri romani de haine si accesorii, demonstratii de pictura si un concurs de frumusete pentru biciclete, toate se intampla intr-un singur loc pentru ca tu sa te bucuri de o viata frumoasa.
Demograficele sau statisticile despre sanatate pe care le tot intalnim sunt doar cifre, iar noi credem ca oamenii sunt mult mai mult decat atat. Insusi locuitorii orasului o demonstreaza: oameni in viata carora au loc si noptile tarzii, si compotul de la tara. Oameni care isi impart camara intre gemuri facute de bunica si sticlele de vin rosu de colectie. Oameni care merg cu bicicleta pana in club. Oameni care citesc etichetele produselor. Oameni care au copii frumosi si suflet de copil frumos. Pentru fiecare parte din ei, V for VERDE a pregatit desfatari:
Pentru maini - demonstratii de gatit cu Bacania Veche si ateliere de gatit raw
Pentru gust – bunatati traditionale, ciocolata cruda, dulciuri de casa, briose, produse raw, retete dulci, sarate sau picante, condimente
Pentru trup – cosmetice bio si organice, produse pentru detoxifiere, suplimente nutritive
Pentru ochi – demonstratii de pictura pe portelan cu Wagner Arte Frumoase si Povesti, concurs de frumusete pentru biciclete cu Biciclete Pegas
Pentru trup – haine, accesorii si obiecte semnate de designeri romani
Pentru joaca – ilustratii, produse din lut, papusi si pernute cusute de mana
Funde, flori, fete sau baieti, melodii sau cantareti, orice este permis pentru a-ti face bicicleta sa radieze de frumusete si sa se imbujoreze de emotie in cadrul concursului de frumusete pentru biciclete. Cea mai frumoasa, duioasa, sensibila si talentata bicicleta va primi ovatii la scena deschisa si un premiu special din partea Biciclete Pegas.
Cu un vizual semnat de artistul ilustrator Madalina Andronic, prima editie V for VERDE isi asteapta vizitatorii in data de 30 septembrie la Villa Barrio (strada Biserica Amzei, nr. 30). Intrarea se face in baza biletului de intrare in valoare de 10 lei. Detalii apetisante despre cum sa te bucuri de viata pe