Sunday, April 8, 2012

Il Passo SS 2012 Collection

Hello. This is your captain speaking. We will be landing in Shoe Paradise shortly, so please fasten your seatbelts before we land, thank you!
If diamonds are a woman's best friend, then shoes are her lovers. On Thursday I was invited to admire Il Passo's Summer Spring 2012 Collection at the Artmark Galleries.
And what a treat for the eyes it was! I was never crazy about heels, you know me, but these shoes were more than just shoes. They were pieces of art! I couldn't take my eyes off of them and neither could the rest of the audience.
Bows, ruffles, polka dots, diamonds, floral prints are the perfect ingredients for a successful shoe collection!

Thank you for flying Tokyo and Seoul Dreams. I hope you have enjoyed your flight and I look forward to flying with you again.

Andreea, Sandra and I on our way to the event. Picture taken by Oliviana
Andreea and I
Gorgeous girls, Madalina and Eliza.
Tasty food ♥


Nana said...

How gorgeous! It's absolutely art! :D

Emanuel I. said...

Cei din prima fotografie sunt... extraordinari!
As fi vrut sa vad si o poza cu tine si cu lumea de pe-acolo.
Imi place si display-ul din ultima fotografie.

Anaivilo said...

yummy photos! the event was nice, I especially loved the cakes! :D :)))


Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, thank you so much for sharing beauty, my dear Laura.

Emanuel I. said...

Sunteti frumoase toate...
Sandra, I like your shirt very much!!!

Andreea said...

Bine ca ai pus si poza aia cu mancarea sa am la ce saliva:))
Plus alea de circ desigur, in care eu apar cu spatele:))

daria said...

Wish I were there :D you all looked lovely, I loved your red+green ensemble!

The Hearabouts said...

Hey there, Little Red Riding City :D. This is gonna be your new nickname, hehe. I'm so glad that your pics came out great, I love'em!


P.S. : Thanks, Emanuel :)

Alexandra Rotaru said...

M-am indragostit de rochie:X

Living_in_aShoe said...

tu si restul fetelor ati fost foarte frumoase! Cand vad postari din astea imi doresc sa fi locuit si eu in Bucuresti sa pot participa la astfel de evenimente!