Saturday, April 14, 2012

Andreea Tincu & Sense Fashion Shows

Last week I was fortunate enough to attend two fabulous fashion shows at The Ark. The first one was Andreea Tincu & Sense Autumn Winter 2012-2013 collection that was very colorful and that pretty much sold it for me. Andreea's pieces were extremely futuristic and innovative.
The second one was Sense's Summer-Spring 2012 Collection that had, in my opinion, a certain 60s' vibe to it.
I will show you some of my favorite looks from these collections and I want to read your thoughts on it. Would you wear these pieces? I know I would in a heartbeat.
You can shop Andreea Tincu & Sense collection here!

Oliviana and Raluca
The Gang. From left to right: Oliviana, Evelina & Sandra, Silvia.


Andreea said...

Fetiliiiiiiiiiiiiii, de ce n-am mers si eu cu voi?:(( of of of



Ruxandra said...

Lucky girl :)
P.S. Arati minunat in prima poza!
P.P.S. Paste fericit!

just claudia said...

Ce frumos... Colectia in special :)
Sunt sigura ca ati avut o zi minunata :D