Saturday, March 24, 2012

Vintage bag

Hi! Today I am going to talk to you about bags....Again. Over the past few years, I had many beautiful, , wonderful bags and while some of them are still in my closet, some of them didn't make it.
I used to overlook the fabric and quality of the bags. It seemed like a very insignificant or trivial subject, compared to how good they looked and how well they matched my outfits.
But I have come to realize that fabric is an extremely important detail to pay close attention to. I just can't stand it when the zippers on a purse stick and break or seams begin to tear apart.
Well, no more! From now on I will be buying only bags like the one you see me wearing here.
It's a vintage leather bag that I am sure will stick with me for many years to come.
I am wearing a random brand denim shirt, Billabong ruffled, purple dress, Vero Moda leggings and BB Up wedges. 
I wish you all a wonderful weekend. Until next time!
Oh, I just noticed it's past midnight which means that it's now my mom's birthday.
Happy birthday, Mom! Fun Fact. My mom is my photographer most of the times.
So, I owe her a lot. My blog wouldn't have made it without her patience.


Polka Princess said...

Love your glasses & boots!! And that bag looks like one you should hang on to! :)

sacramento said...

Love you outfit, ands wish your mum the happiest birthday ever.
Much love, dear laura.

modniza said...

you are sooooo sweet! love your you.xoooo

Anaivilo said...

Happy Birthday to your mom!! :D Yes this outfit is very lovely, love that skirt and that bag! :D:X

Boheme.Fille said...

Gorgeous outfit! Love the mix of colors and that great cardi!
Happy Birthday to your mom! :)

Costin Moraru said...

Me gusta :D

Nana said...

Happy birthday to your mom!
I love the kimono blazer. so pretty!! :)

Eva Ana Kazić said...

I also have this kimono. Very multifunctional :)

sarah rebecca said...

Wow, so pretty ♥

Killy said...

I absolutely live your boots with the tights, it just puts the outfit together!