Wednesday, February 29, 2012

High Top Sneakers

Hi! Yes, these are also unpublished pictures that I've taken last year and I apologize for showing you this old stuff, but there was no way I could take some decent pictures with all the mess that's outside.
I am happy to let you know though,  that the snow here has almost melted and soon enough I will be able to get back to work.

On a different note, can you believe yet another season has passed? Tomorrow will be the first day of Spring and I am looking forward to this day because here, in Romania, we celebrate "Martisor Day" where all women receive a small, symbolic object that's tied with red and white thread that they wear pinned to their clothes.
I have many martisoare that I've collected over the years and it always brings me joy to admire these beautiful talismans. 
Time sure flies! I am listening to a song written by the talented Susie Suh that goes like this:
"Seasons change
  And you grow a little wiser
  Nothing stays the same
  The past becomes the future
  Seasons change
  Only the cherry blossoms they bloom again"

Talking about words of wisdom, right?

I am wearing a yellow sweater from H&M, a pleated, coral skirt from Bershka and high-top sneakers from Nike.


Gabriel Sima said...

Super tare outfit-ul asta! Culorile sunt delicioase <3

sacramento said...

My dear laura, I have been thinking in pink and yellow for a while now, and here you are wearing it. The proof of your outfits being timeless.
Spring doesn´t begin until the 21st or 22nd of March.
I see you are in a time knot, jejejejje.
How is your lovely hear, my beauty???
Blooming I hope.

kittenhood said...

love your skirt and, as always, you eye make up. hope you get a lot of martisoare tomorrow :)

Nana said...

Hi Laura. you look so pretty as always. I love the pink and yellow colors! The song is great. I love it... thans for sharing<3

Anaivilo said...

Lovely outfit and yummy colors!! I adore that skirt :D:X
Happy Spring dear girl! ;)

A ramas pe maine intalnirea? :D

Mila said...

oh gorgeous!

Hope Adela Pasztor said...

Love the bold color contrast! =)

Sabrina said...

beautiful outfit!!!love skirt!!!
amazing blog!!! i'm following you!!if you like mine,do the same!!

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Bad Taste Toast said...

This is such a cute and fun look! Gorgeous loud colours, so perfect to welcome Spring, even if they are from last year! ;)

Mina said...

oh how i love. this outfit completly embodies your personality and what your style is all about. love the colour combination and more i love the yellow sweater. been on the lookout for one like that since last year.

under fashion arrest said...

i love your style dear! the colors are perfect for the spring! iam following! follow me back???