Saturday, July 30, 2011

Green pleated skirt

Hi, remember me? I feel like a teenager that came home after her curfew and knows that she's going to be grounded by her mom. I am so, so sorry for neglecting my blog for 2 whole weeks. 
What can I say in my defense? I know.. I was busy saving the world...Is that a good excuse? No? I thought so too.

Ok, I confess. I was having fun the whole time, meeting fellow bloggers, shopping, eating desserts.
I met with two of my favorite bloggers that live abroad and just couldn't miss the opportunity to spend as much time as I can with them. 

Mina, also known as The Faboulista, came all the way from Canada to spend her holiday in Romania. I've had a great time with her, she's hilarious and we almost laughed ourselves to tears. You can see her in the pictures below. She is the one looking like a Greek Goddess. Don't you just lever her white, maxi dress?
In the group picture you can also spot the girls from The Hearabouts, Nookie, Special Koko, and behind the lens was Alice.

The other special guest was Angie, that had the most incredible experience in Bruxelles just before she came to Bucharest. You can read about it on her blog, it's like a scene from an action movie, unbelievable. 
I am very glad that she came in one piece and that she was able to enjoy her time here with Simona and I.

My first outfit consists of a green, midi pleated skirt from Paga Shop, a yellow satchel bag and black body from New Yorker and hot pink sandals from Zara.   
My second outfit consists of a flower print dress from H&M, colorful sneakers from Nike and a satchel bag from New Yorker. 


The Hearabouts said...

So this is one of the skirts you were telling me about! It's beautiful, I love it!

I spent a lovely evening with you and Sandra, hope we can meet again very soon :).


Anaivilo said...

I hate you and your beautiful green pleated fabulous skirt! Okay I am joking of course, it's just I loooove that skirt! :D I so envy all on you for meeting Mina, I can't wait to come back and meet you all again :D

kcomekarolina said...


xoxo from rome

Nana said...

You look so pretty as always. It's so wonderful to see blogger friends :D I love all photos!!!

Caroline Ergy Erg said...

The colourful satchels are so lovely! Really great skirt too!

Joanna said...

love the skirt! followed you! follow back maybe?

modniza said...

fab skirt!!! foarte frumoasa combinatia culorilor, you are very pretty!!! xooo

Boheme.Fille said...

Such colorful photos! Was nice to meet you!:)

Ivânia Santos (Diamond) said...

Lovely first look!!!!

Ivânia Diamond*

Alice in vintageland said...

The green skirt is amazing! I've alreday told you how much I liked the H&M dress with the sneakers, very cool!:)

Colleen said...

What stunning pictures...the green skirt is so vibrant, fun and eye catching on you. I especially love how you have paired it with almost a ballet style top. You look lovely! As for the other ladies, so much beauty all at once!:)

Wishing you a beautiful summer in Romania!

Polka Princess said...

All of you are looking gorgeous!!! And those lovely satchels together.....too cute!! :)

Kathy said...

Hi beutiful Laura!You look good this outfit!I`m missing you!Please follow my new blog:D


eagle-eye-cherry said...

Imi place combinatia pe care ai facut-o, am observat ca verdele e in trend in vara asta

the Citizen Rosebud said...

You look stunning! I love the green skirt and the hot pink sandals. xo. Bella Q

Lee Oliveira said...

Don't you look amazing?
the funny thing about your outfit is the fact I have seen about 4 people wearing the lemon bag.
It's fabulous!
lee x

lady sélénite said...

You're so right to take time to have fun ! After that you made this enjoying post !

Daria said...

omg, i fell in love with the skirt! And the sandals are just a perfect match!


This Charming Style said...

Such great photos, an amazing blogger meet up - I am jealous! You all look amazing, I especially love your green skirt :) xx

decimal shoes said...

love your skirt :D

fhenny said...

such an adorable look
really love the colour combo!
style frontier

Kavery said...

You are forgiven since you were saving the world :)
And if you wore this gorgeous ensemble while doing it then you did it in style!

Angie said...

Happy to have met you!! I love that skirt, you know I do and it looks so perfect with the body and yellow satchel (want) chic outfit!! I feel lucky to have met you!



ps: I hit my foot yesterday against some pavement... when is this going to end... lol :) anyhow have a job interview this afternoon... who knows.

Alexandra said...

amazing ! I'd love to have fellow bloggers to befriend <3 But saddly, I don't have any.

alexandra @

Aura said...

Lots of fun and lots of colour. Therefore, you are forgiven for neglecting the blog:))

AMINTA said...

You look great in color blocking Laura!! It was great to see you at the top100 on teenvogue... CONGRATS!! <3
Keep the good work.

MaNAa said...

you have such beautiful skirt love the green one <3

QHYAPPLE said...

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