Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Color Blocking

Hi. I am sure you are all familiar with latest trends in fashion and that you've all heard about color blocking by now. Everyone's giving it a try and I am thrilled to see how people are stepping out of their comfort zone this season. 

It's funny how people that were criticizing me for mixing bold colors these past few years are now eager to embrace this new trend just because everyone in the fashion industry gave their approval.
I don't mean to sound catty, it's just that I can't stand hypocrites !

Anyway, I wanted to show you two of the color blocking outfits that I wore last week . In the first outfit I am wearing a blue blazer from Zara, printed harem pants from Vero Moda, a body from Vero Moda and pink, high top sneakers from Skechers.   

The second outfit was worn last Thursday, when I was invited to a double event,  the showroom launch of  Lachatterie and Pixie shoes and the celebration of the very first anniversary of Bucharest Style
It was yet another great occasion to organize a small gathering of Romanian fashion bloggers and I spent the evening catching up with the girls from The Hearabouts, Wonder Fashion, Fashion in my eyes, Alice in Vintageland, Fashezine, Bucharest Style and the fabulous duo from Absolutely Fabulous Magazine !

It was a successful event with lots of stylish people, gorgeous clothes and shoes, sweets and champagne. And as if that weren't enough, we also got a gift bag with Olay moisturizers.
Now this is what I call a perfect recipe for an amazing event ! Thank you all for the lovely time.
Pictures courtesy of Nookie and Anaivilo.


Andreea said...

Ok, i think i'm developing an obsession for your blue blazer<3 It's so beautiful, actually everything i desire right now. Anyway, it's impossible for me to find such a thing and i really don't understand why are beautiful blazers so hard to find!
I like the second set of pictures too, you all looked awesome!

Ivânia Santos (Diamond) said...

Very cute!
Lovely coat and pants <33


sacramento said...

Some colour blocking!!!
I love you all.

This Charming Style said...

I so know what you mean about getting criticised for things, and then when they are on trend the hypocrites start wearing it! Anyway, the blue blazer looks amazing with those wonderful pants! :)

Sandra said...

me too :| I just love that blue blazer :)) it's just toooooo cute!! haha, I think that I've already told you that I adore your pants! that print it's awesome!


Anaivilo said...

Oh gorgeous blazer! The color is so lovely, I just adore it :D As I said that print on your pants! :D

Kavery said...

This looks so good and I love the step-on-the-ladder pose!

Mitzi said...

I love the pants and blazer in the first outfit! And that teal leather jacket is amazing :D
I know exactly what you mean about people putting down a style until it is "in" style... just goes to show you that you're the one with the true fashion sense!
M xo

Lee Oliveira said...

Love the colours you put together Laura.
Your pants are insanely amazing..
Ps.. you look so cute in glasses
Lee x

Pop Champagne said...

those pants are really neat, I think you've worn them before and I complimented on them too lol. haha I don't mind uggs, they're comfy and as long as people don't try to dress them like they're some high fashion thing it's all good!

Rebecca Clairine said...

cool outfit !
love the color ,
cute pants and shoes <3


D ♥ R said...


Giveaway in my blog..

Ioana Liliana said...

Fun as always! I too love the blue blazer! :)

p.s. si acoperisul blocului meu arata tot cam la fel :p


frαnciscααααα said...

oh thanks! <3 love your pants :p xoxo

Riumni | Rainbows Scapes♥ said...

I really love your outfit! Blue blazer and pink scarf look so chic! <3


francisca paulos said...

new ispirations on my blog! <3

francisca paulos said...

i love it too! xx <3

Pop Champagne said...

btw I tagged you!!

uhooi said...

great outfit you look amazing!

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jamie-lee said...

Wow you've definitely embraced the trend! I'm still yet to properly try it out but soon! x

Laura said...

You look great!!

Rachella said...

looks great!

Natasha Kim said...

I love love love your trying to find a pair like that myself!

Check out my blog :)

Ruparee x

SoapyMermaid said...

goodness!! your pants so graphic so gorgeous. amazing sneakers too :)

Valerie said...

Amazing colors! I love everything esp. those pants! Following you. xx