Saturday, March 5, 2011

Pink blazer

Guess who's back? Back again? Winter is back, tell a friend. Hi guys, sorry for the delay in posting on my blog but I've been on strike against low temperatures. 
My demands are simple: I want snowdrops, not snow. I want what's rightfully ours, it's March 5th already and no signs of spring here.
So, who's with me? Let us march against this schizophrenic weather. 

Anyway, forget about that. Today should be a day of celebration. Celebrate what, you ask?  
My 100th post of course. I've outdone myself, what can I say?. I never thought anyone would be interested in my wacky style and that my posts will go unnoticed.
But I was wrong...The support you've shown me throughout this year was amazing. Your feedback  was the one that pushed me forward and motivated me to carry on with my work.
 I've received almost 2000 comments on my blog, all wonderful, positive thoughts. It's really overwhelming. ...Words can't express my gratitude. Thank you for being here for me !

 Ok, before I get all teary-eyed, I should give you some details about my latest acquisition. My pink blazer from Vero Moda. Isn't it a beauty? I love its shoulder pads and the paisley print. Did I mention it's pink? What more can I ask for...


sacramento said...

If it is any consolation to you, it is also cold in the south of Spain, but do not dispair in a week or two it will be warm. i can feel it.
I adore your jacket: the pink brocade is fabulous on you.
Love your pics.
MIl besos and a wonderful weekend laura.

Oh_oh_Babe said...

lovely blog! I hope you'll visit mine and follow me if you like it!

The Hearabouts said...

Oh, this is the looks amazing! We're's incredible! And you look really pretty for this anniversary post!

Congrats for the 100 posts and for making us happy with your lovely and colorful outfits :D.

S. and E.

Ivânia Santos (Diamond) said...

Lovely blazer!! <33

Boheme.Fille said...

Laura, you look magnificent! The blazer is to die for, also love the hair and make-up! Happy 100th post!

Boheme.Fille said...

Ohh..and I forgot to say, I love that pic where you smile..great smile!

Amélia Delessi said...

Laura, the blazer is GORGEOUS!!! I love all the little details and the design, it's simply amazing.

About the weather thing, a few days ago the weather here was amazing, just like Spring but suddenly Friday it started to get cloudy and now it's raining outside. I should be sad but I think it might change soon, I hope so.

Indah Nainggolan said...

that pink blazer is awesome, i love that printed:) and combine with that necklace, perfect outfit :)

Nana said...

The blazer is so gorgeous!!!
You look so pretty. I love your cute smile<3

Lee Oliveira said...

The pink loves fab on you. I love how you can wear so many different colours and still look great. Congrats on the 100th milestone. Well deserved. I am on the way but not quite there yet.


Andreea said...

Smile more often!!!(ca te bat) Joking:P
I've been searching for a pink blazer for ages, no luck so far, i only find black and grey ones. Bleah. As if this winter isn't sad enough:(
Yours looks great and i love the gold detailing on it, very chic:D


Kavery said...

The blazer is fab and so are you. I love these close up shots where every detail is so clear. And btw-congrats!

Alice in vintageland said...

I love your blazer and I do hate the weather but I can feel we're on the right track for spring!:)

VertAnge said...

La cat mai multe postari!
E foarte dragut blazerul.

Tiffany said...

I love your blazer, nice pics :)
Little Berries

Anaivilo said...

Oh dear....paisely prints are my favortie!! It just looks so good on you :D Love love love it! And you look so great with your hair like this.. very stylish ;)

wardrobeexperience said...

amazing blazer! love it.

Patti G said...

love the way the green necklace pops against the pink blazer!!

michelle_ said...

lovely blazerrr !
the color is just gorgeousss !
i want one of those !

glisters and blisters

Iulia Romana said...

Hai ca iti zic si aici ca arati super bine :D

Faboulista said...

this is definltly something i would wear. brocade blazer at its best. i think your outfits are getting more feminine and sophisticated with each post. i loved your old cutsy fresh outfits too but these ones are more elegant and i think it shows well how you are slowly maturing in a beautiful young woman! simply the fact that its pink keeps a bit of that sweet young self i remember!

crystal glamour said...

lovee your outfit :)

i'm a follower now
will you follow me back please?
btw do you know some korean words? that's awesome I'm Korean-American myself and noticed "sarang" in your urlname so yea,,

Lee Oliveira said...

Hopefully you get to see some flowers out soon.. but still looks cold like you said.
Well done on you 100th.. I've enjoyed ever single one of it..
Obsessed with you pink paisley jacket..
Makeup is so perfect too
Lee x

Alexandra said...

pink is pink and will always be ! Love it.

alexandra @

Veronica said...

Cute blog!!

Follow me? I'd be very happy if you do it!
Thank you so much!

Elena said...

Felicitari si la cat mai multe >:d:<(cel putin 1000 :)).Cat despre blazer -superb.Te pup

Mitzi said...

That blazer is gorgeous, it fits you perfectly! I love the necklace too :)
I'm following you now!
M xo

Teresa said...

Color is always nice to add to any outfit and that pink blazer is so cool! :)

   ♥ Teresa ♥
- Pretty Dandy -

Justyna said...

this is so pretty!i love the pink paisley!

mystreetsweets said...

Love your edgy style! Beautiful:)
stop by if you get a chance

Maike said...

love your blazer! :)

Becky Regina said...

Congrats for the 100th post! And you look really gorgeous in these photos! Love the blazer so much!

Kata said...

Hi dear Laura!You look pretty!I like this you blazer!♥

Welcome to my new blog:Pienikuiskaus tuulessa.A small whisper in the wind


fhen said...

congratulations for the 100th post,
waiting for more posys to come!
i really love your blazer like totally <3

little miss fhenny

AMINTA said...

Cool Blazer!! I love the texture, color & shape :) LOVE it...