Saturday, August 14, 2010


I know, I know, I've been a terrible blogger for not posting anything for over a week. Hope I can make it up to you with today's pictures. I've bought these balloons mainly for this post and I knew  just the tee to match them. The girl on the print is also holding balloons, well to be precise those are clouds, but you get the point.
Anyway, aren't these balloons funny? Apparently they are used for punching? How can I punch something so cute, I am not a brute :)) Instead, I took them to the park and by the lake. They've enjoyed themselves and so did I. I needed a place too cool off, I've been melting for the past weeks.

In other news, the beautiful Style Nuggets, awarded me with " I love your blog award" which you can see on my sidebar. Thank you so much, it means a lot to me.


Anda said...


i loooove the pics!!! they are usual!!<3
you look usual!!<3<3

CONGRATULATIONS on the award!! again you deserve it!!<3

i love the outfit! it goes well with the balloon...especially the tee! <3

awesome as always!!! <3<3<3 ^_^

Nana said...

cute t-shirt! and you look adorable with balloons :))

Katariina said...

Love your t-shirt.It look like you:D
You look great again!!!

Sumo Dewan said...


love the print on the top

Lee Oliveira said...

Congrats Laura. u deserve it..!
This post is so colourful and cute
your oversized tee is gorgeous

Mia Delessi said...

The photos are SO cute, I love what you're wearing. Now that I remember, I saw something on your facebook about balloons.

Abby said...

These pictures are so so so cute! The balloons do go really well with the tee.

S.Elisabeth said...

So cute!!! I love the balloons. I couldn't imagine punching them either!!

Arini Desianti Parawi said...

u look so cute with the baloons :)
love ur plaid tight..i don't know exactly is that tight or legings?!


hug and kiss^^

agnes said...

très jolies photos, et j'aime beaucoup ton tee shirt

Pop Champagne said...

the shirt is so cute, haha you match the girl in the shirt in pics where the wind is also blowing through your hair. the balloons add nice colors to the photos

Natalie Gall said...

you look so cute herrrre!! lovely pics.

lee klabin was amazing! i didnt want to take anything off, but its too expensive for me:( x

Zabrinah said...

Great post! It was so worth the week-long wait!

That outfit is awesome! You look wonderful, as always. The balloons don't take the spotlight, you do!

But, the balloons are cute. I agree with you. Who's going to punch cuties like those?


Adele said...

Such a perfect idea! Balloons in a photoshoot! came out fabulous too!

Adèle - moltocuriosa

ash said...

love your balloon and love your outfit!
so kawaii >.<

oh, congrats on the awards!! so happy for you..

Mode Coco said...


MarchMusings said...

Love these pix. So cheerful and colourful.

michelle_ said...

i love love love your shirt !!
i like the happy feel of these photos :)

thanks for the blog birthday wish :)

sayablack said...

Cuuute pics!!
Your leggings are awesome!


ching said...

i noticed on your comment box it says VOX POPULI w/c means voice of the people--just wondering, are you a fan of 30 Seconds to mars? :D

i totally love that you love japanese street style. i agree with you about Korean fashion being fun and colorful.

so i'm totally following your blog via bloglovin :) i'm glad i bloghopped and found your blog.

ching said...

oh cool. thanks for replying back.. you may not be a 30STM fan but it's totally cool that you know Latin.

We have this priest friend who speaks Latin in our class, i'm just totally jealous that you know it. :) It's a really beautiful language ..

TatoOm said...

Love all the pics!!
Congrats about your featured in hypeed you totally deserve it!
Im now a follower, i mean i couldn't resist it your site is just so awsome. Loving it;)
Pls visit me and let me know what you think=)

Closet full of hopes and dreams said...

I love this tee! And how you wear it! And the balloons! Fab!

Anna said...

Hahaha this post made me grin and grin and grin with the colors of the balloons and your hair, makeup, tee, leggings. So cute!

Keith said...

I don't always get to post as much as I would like. Great photos. I love that shirt of yours. You look cute with all those balloons.

c a r l l a said...

heey, ra i love ur shirt
nice post!
btw, i already make a new post, please check it out.


Jennifer Fabulous said...

Omg you are so adorable it kills me!! :)

You always have the best outfit posts and this one is clearly no exception.

I hope you have a fab weekend! xo

Ruta, Look Ugly in a Photograph said...

Awesome top. So cool. Love it.

Nasan Faris Naufal said...

loves the baloons and your outfits of course

marlee (eclectiq.MIND*) said...

haven't seen printed harem pants before, so cutee =] love the whole outfit !