Friday, May 7, 2010

So 80's

I love the 80's and who in their right mind doesn't ? The music and the style back then were the best.Yes,it's true,there may have been some questionable hairstyles but overall it was a good decade .Speaking about "Oldies but Goldies",I have this denim vest for ten years now and good thing I came across it in the closet today because I was just looking for a denim vest. I wanted to grow out my bangs but I ended up cutting them shorter than ever.I have to hide the scissors or else my forehead will never see the sunlight again.That was my outfit for today,I am going back to work now on my bachelor's degree and I'll see you soon ♥                                            


Anda said...

kyaaa girl friend...i so love the outfit!! the pictures are awesome!! especially the ones where you jump!!!<3<3<3<3
good work!! <3<3<3<3<3<3

Alma said...

Ce frumoasa e fusta!!! Imi place mult de tot!

Tali. said...

heym just found your blog and i think its great. quick question why is it called tokyo and seoul???? you living there? I would LOVE to go seoul again havent been for a few years now:(


Tali. said...

ooooh i was almost certain you lived there, but now looking at the graffiti in the pic its all in letters so that was silly lol. you should def go, foods amazing, all through the night too. You'd need a translator or friend who can speak korean though. I'd be lost without the fam cos I cant speak a word. i guess it boths our dreams to go!! xxx

L. - Parce que la mode est aussi haut-savoyarde said...

Ô, this look!! So fun!! :O


Charlotte said...

Cool location!!


The Style Rail

Kasia_B said...

I love the denim vest!


sayablack said...

Awesome denim vest!
I adore this outfit<3

Le garçon avec les lunettes said...

original photos and fantastic outfit!!!