Thursday, May 20, 2010


Please excuse my "I studied until dawn face" and I think this is the first time in 5 months I didn't use my straightener. As you can see my hair was "Born To Be Wild". I am wearing one of my favorite dresses from Uttam and my green Converse sneakers. Oh ,I was fortunate enough to receive "The Fabulous Sugar Doll Blogger Award " from Closet full of hopes and Dreams. Thank you so much , it means a lot to me. I guess we dreamers should look after each other. So, now I have to share 10 things about me and then pass the torch . I would like to give this award to my kpop partner in crime and poupee friend, Anna from Nella Fantasia
And to one of my fellow Romanian blogger, Alma,a petite fashionista from 59 inches of fashion                                                                                                                                                                
1) Contrast is the word that defines me the best. I may suffer from Bipolar disorder.
2) I am left-handed but sometimes I think I am ambidextrous.
3) I am a vegetarian and just the sight of meat makes me nauseous. 
4) My favorite subject in school was History.I wore a school uniform from elementary school up until college and now I am making up for lost time.
5) I am afraid of the dark and I sleep with the light on ever since I was a little kid.
6) People refer to me as a “Walking Encyclopedia”.
7) My favorite books are "Il Principe" and "The Art of War". 
8) My dream is to visit South Korea and go to a Big Bang concert.
9) My favorite philosopher is Confucius. One of the many quotes that inspire is “Tell me and I'll forget;  show me and I may remember;  involve me and I'll understand.”
10) I grew up watching VH1 and my all time favorite band is "The Cure".


Anda said...

i looove the first pic...gorgeous!!
i love the sneakers <3

my dream is to go to South Korea(and japan:D) and see a Big Bang concert too...and maybe get to stalk GD a little :D ;;) ^_^ wanna stalk T to the O to the P too? :> :>

hehehe :P

Alma said...

Multumeeeeeesc!! Am fost foarte impresionata!:D O sa incerc maine sa raspund provocarii. Si ai o rochita foarte frumoasa! Te puuuup!

CMA said...

loving your hair!
love your blog, thanks for sharing!
and thanks for the sweet comments


Romany said...

You've got beautiful skin and fabulous hair - definitely not looking like you pulled an all-nighter.
Congrats on the award! Ah, I'm scared of the dark too! Not to the point where I feel the need to sleep with a light on, but let's just say I cannot walk passed or through a dark room without having a panic attack.

sayablack said...

Cute pink skirt
and I really love your bangs<3

Alita Claudia Raisa said...

adorable jacket and congrats for the awards, you deserve it gal ;D

michelle_ said...

loving the first piccc !!
your pink scarf is very pretty :)

stylechanges said...

lovely scarf looks very pretty i like this post

dotie said...

same here..I'm also petrified of the dark and that usually bugs people out ;)
well done with the whole color combo <3<3<3

eclectic du jour

Jessica said...

congratz for the award! you really deserve it!
OMG i really love your bang, how can you have a nice bang like that LOL.
nice skirt anyway! :)

The Queen of Queer

Glamour Bbey. said...

Hay dear blogger!
How are you? I'm glad that I've visited this blog! She's lovely.

Please, check mine too & maybe we can follow eachother!
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Love, Cindy.

KALIN said...

Congrats on your award! I love that jacket :)

Neuter Kalin

carlla said...

wow, nice post!
i lovee bigbang, too!!
sooo, handsomee. hahaa ;)
i like TOP and G.D, and u??

don't forget to visit mw blog n' comment my post y

Glamour Bbey. said...

Hay dear blogger!
How are you? I'm glad that I've visited this blog! She's lovely.

Please, check mine too & maybe we can follow eachother!
You can also join my GIVEAWAY!
Love, Cindy.

michelle_ said...

many thanks for your warm comments :)
hope you're enjoying the weekend !

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click here for more details !

Victoire said...

i love the color of that scarf! the pop of pink is perfect for this outfit :)


carlla said...

thanks to visit my blog, dear ;)

wow, i'm also very fond of him. sharp eye and very mysterious, :P hahaa
liked it first time because i heard the song "lies" and "day by day" if you know it?
and i have a whole album of his songs, really good!
happy feeling to find people who both like BIGBANG.
hey, we can share stories about them instead?!
nice to meet you. ;)

Uh, yeah. can you follow my blog? i'll be glad for it.
and i also will not forget to follow your blog.

thanksssss, carlla

Jennifer Fabulous said...

Congrats on the award! So well deserved. :) And I loved learning more about you!

These photos are gorgeous. I love your hair. So pretty!

Becca. said...

congrats on the award and what a gorgeous pink scarf!!
thankyou for the comment on my blog :)

Ruta, Look Ugly in a Photograph said...

That's so cool if you can write with both hands.

Love your jacket. cute blog.

style said...

you looks cool hey thanks for comment

Rach said...

I really like the hot pink with the blue leather of the jacket. It looks really cute!

vicen said...

Nice blog.
permission to put on my site?

Shia-Shia said...

loveeeeeee bigbang too...
cute jacket (^^) u're wearing


Style by Skeide said...

Love your touch of pink darling:)

vicen said...

Thanks, it's an honor.

Closet full of hopes and dreams said...

I am also afraid of the dark... Always have been. Too much imagination! :) I am also a history lover since childhood. Actually I am a history teacher. Want a lesson? ;)

Tali. said...

its weird i think its 100 cos thats what it says on my blogger but then when i click posts it says 97. so i might have lied:( thanks:) these shorts r my favourite! was a bit funny about showing so much leg but its just too hot now not to lol. you ok? x

Ivania santos By DIAMOND said...

hi honey!!

LOVEEEEE your style <3
xoxo* by portugal


Emiko said...

Thank you so much, once again! You can't believe how surprised I was when you told me about the award XD

As you said, you really learn a lot about another by just reading those 10 statements :)

And as always, adorable outfit! Can I ask where you bought that dress? :)

Ivania santos By DIAMOND said...

Thanks my dear...

A big xoxo by my son!! =)*

cristina petre said...

congrats! really enjoyed finding out other things about are always such a big surprise!:))