Monday, April 5, 2010

Tenshi and The Dogfather

Tenshi and Hello Kitty were having a quiet Sunday afternoon, drinking a cup of coffee at their favorite place "The Fur". Little did they know that Sony, the mad dog, was lurking around the place looking for trouble.He likes to pick on poor innocent cats and our heroes seemed like the perfect target for Sony.

Sony:Hey there kittens.What's up?
Tenshi tried to ignore the trouble maker but when Sony started to sing Tom Jones "What's new Pussycat", he reached it's boiling point. He knew he could take him down, so he challenged him to a duel.

Tenshi: So you are a wise guy, hey?

Sony couldn't accept his defeat. He had to take revenge on Tenshi and he knew just the right dog for the job. The Dogfather.
Sony:Dogfather, may I have a  word with you in private? 

                                                                           Sony: Bene, Don Corleone. I need a dog who has powerful friends.There's a cat who needs to be taught a lesson.

Don Corleone: What is the interest for my family?

Sony: Dog supplies that will last you the whole year.

Don Corleone: Do you have faith in my judgment?

Sony: Yes.

Don Corleone: Do I have your loyalty?

Sony: Yes, always Dogfather.
Don Corleone: Then you'll do as I say.We have to kidnap Hello Kitty.We will make him suffer,then he'll come to us begging on his knees.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               
Hello Kitty went to the  ladies restroom to powder her nose but she didn't came back.Tenshi was worried as there was no sign of Hello Kitty                                                                                                                  
Sony was behind this. He kidnapped Hello Kitty and now he wants 1 million dollars ransom.
Tenshi had an ace up his sleeve, he knew who to call in such a desperate situation. Meanwhile, at the docks, Hello Kitty was being held hostage.Oh my ,what will happen to our heroine?Hurry Elf, hurry!!!
Elf had a plan that couldn't fail. He knew just the trick to make these puppies withdrawn and hand Hello Kitty over.
The ultimate threat. No presents from Santa for the rest of their lives ,how could they carry on when Christmas is the best part of the year. No one wanted  to ruin Christmas, so they let her go.                                                                                                                               


ALEXA- OMG the PINK Blog! said...

haha ce tare e poaveste,
ceee?dc sa nu-l abordezi?daca iti place si te simti bine, de unde crezi ca stiu eu de stilu asta ca aici nu prea stiu.. eu si o pr aveam stilu asta acum 2 ani ma imbracam colorat freze ciudate si da se uita lumea:|:| dar nu mi-a pasat;-j
eu as vrea sa comand lentile circle:x

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Anda said...

ahahahaha...genius!!! i love it!! the pics are awesome!!!! great job!!! <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3
a genius story!!!