Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I've always loved these graffiti walls so I decided to use them in today's photoshoot.Today's theme was "Ghetto Look" so,I wore a face print grey tee and a grey beanie.The blazer was featured in another post but today I've posted a picture where you can see the pins better.To complete the look I wore plaid shorts and high-top sneakers.I've just realized that the print of my t-shirt has similar sun glasses.If the print were a real guy we would be like a matching couple,Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake anyone?

Hey there,I am going to show you a trick,look
                           Did you see that?


Anda said...

cool cool cool girl friend!!! i totally love the outfit!!! especially the beanie and t-shirt!!! <3<3

~勝美~ said...

Wow, your glasses and the print on your T-shirt, matching! -*o*-
I'm in love with your style! So cool!

And said...

LOOOOOOOOOOOL...the trick! didn't see that coming!(now here i come come...you know) =)))))) omoshiroi!!!!<3

shenai said...

love your blazer! so cute!


My Bliss is This Way said...

thanks for the comment!! love the look you have on here, especially the blue blazer and the hat (i want a hat like that!!)


L. - Parce que la mode est aussi haut-savoyarde said...

I discover your blog with Aurélie, Une fille pas comme les autres, and I love your blazer!! :O

Where does it come from?