Friday, April 9, 2010

Girl Scout

So,I went out selling cookies today :)) Not really but I do resemble a Girl Scout in this ouftit.I just love this vest.It has a prize badge and the buttons have a beautiful horse design.I matched the brown vest with a green plaid dress and vintage brown boots.I hope you have a lovely weekend,see you soon


Anda said...

girl friend...did you go selling cookies to T.O.P??:>:> i love the vest!! you do look like a girl scout...i'm sure mister T to the O to the P would love to taste your cookies!!!! oops...i did it again! hehehe >:)

Emiko said...

Really adorable outfit! :D
You're really good at matcing your clothes :)

Btw I've uploaded a pic of the earrings I bought anyway if you're interested to see how they look like :)