Saturday, March 27, 2010

Laundry Day

So,Tenshi jumped in the washbasin today,how cute is that? I can see he really likes it,there was this time when he stayed underneath it like a turtle and he moved around thinking he won't get noticed.Yeah, right Tenshi great place to hide, nobody will think it's strange that we have a moving washbasin around the house :))

Don't worry we didn't go through with it. He didn't made it to the washing machine,Tenshi has always been this white

Disclaimer "No animals or toys were harmed during the making of this photo shoot"  

P.S.For other pictures of my cat click HERE



MEF said...

omg i love your cat!!

Anda said...

that is just sooo ADORABLE!!!!! btw...i have the same toy too :D:D