Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I found these amazing pictures while I was browsing through the internet a couple of years ago. Unfortunately,I can't remember where I first saw them so I can give proper credits to those who had such a brilliant idea for a photo shoot.

I think the purpose of this photo shoot is to portray a Geisha, who actually is Japanese for "person of art",surrounded by ephemeral beauty.The snow creates the illusion of a utopian world and it covers the traces of loneliness left on the soul of a Geisha. In the second picture you can see a magnificent Wagasa, a traditional Japanese umbrella,a symbol of elegance and sophistication.                              


Candy Rosie said...

love it !

micol zanzuri said...

this photos are amazinggggg

Irene Colzi said...

I love that post so much!
I have used those images (with credits) on my blog!

Irene's Closet


Ruxandra said...

Ai vazut/citit memoriile unei gheise?