Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I fell in love with this layered dress from the moment I laid my eyes on it.The print is lovely,what's there not to like about butterflies and flowers?
Since it's almost April,I figured I should wear this dress with my grey trench coat.It seemed appropriate for this time of the year,but guess what?I almost freezed to death.Good thing I was also wearing my scarf.
Really, how come spring is teasing us so much? Let's just hope that the Easter Bunny will bring, besides chocolate eggs ,some reasonable temperatures.Also, in case you want to get a better view at the ankle boots I wore today I put some pictures of them at the end of the post.


LoliTa said...

LOVE the pattern of that dress! it's amazing! and great shoes :)

Anda said...

i love the dress<3<3<3<3 you did it again girl friend!!! i love the boots too! <3

micol zanzuri said...

gorgeus look!!!