Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Beautiful Day

So,today was finally the day I decided to  make posts with my outfits. I've always had this in mind after seeing several blogs that I love,like The Blonde Salad, Style Scrapbook, Chic Muse and other wonderful blogs. I am wearing my favorite pair of boots, I've named them "The Peter Pan Boots" :))  I 've had them since I was 16 and I  still  love them. Plus, they go really well with my green coat from Mango. I am also wearing  one of my  favorite lace dresses. The color is just perfect and  I've always had a thing for ruffles.You'll notice that pretty soon in my next posts so stay tuned ♥ Hope you liked my look and I am looking forward to your lovely comments.Have a beautiful day ♥


Anda said...

girl friend...i totally love your outfit!!!! <3<3<3<3 nice pictures... post more...i'll be waiting!! <3

Emiko said...

You've got such great sense of style. And I just love the color match you made! I'd never figure out on my own that green and purple goes so well together~

Alma said...

Avem acelasi pardesiu de la Mango!:P Na, trag concluzia ca avem si gusturi bune la haine!:))