Saturday, February 20, 2010


Here are some adorable tees I've found on Topshop ♥

Funny Ninja Panda

French Puddles in love

Would you ignore the needles and hug the cactus?I would because he's just too cute and seems harmless.

Ok, I will take your word for it 


I know the writing is too small so I will tell you what it says in the conversation bubbles.The Pink Icing doughnut "I am searching for my inner self"and the other doughnut says"this could get sticky".It seems like some kind of a love triangle between the eclair and the doughnuts.Cute tee,but also with a strong message,don't be shallow and see behind the attractive package.

Me too Top from Big Bang rocks the eyeliner


Laura said...

Nice shirt..

~勝美~ said...

Oh, I can't choose the best one!
All that prints are so cool and cute! <3
I would love to have all of that tees, hehe *dreaming*

Danii said...

I really loooooove topshop!!