Sunday, January 31, 2010

My japanese dolls

Kokeshi doll My mom bought this for me as a present and I think it's adorable,the pink ribbon is lovely.                                                                                                            Maneki neko is one of the most common lucky charms in Japan also known as Fortune Cat. I got this last year at Daiso,a shop in my city, and I thought it was by far the cutest maneki neko doll I've ever seen.                                                                                           Kaeru Frog In Japanese, the word kaeru means both frog and return.Frogs are viewed as symbols of good fortune and because kaeru means return frog charms are frequently carried by travelers to ensure a safe return from their journey.                        

Daruma san Daruma-san is not only a good-luck charm but also a symbol for trying hard and being brave. There is a popular saying about Daruma-san in Japan, “Seven downs and eight ups,” which means that each time Daruma-san is knocked down he gets right up and tries again. 

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They're all so cute!