Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Ulcinj Montenegro

Last post I showed you a city in Montenegro that is famous for its nightlife, Budva, and now it's time to embark on a journey to  the wonderful Ulcinj. 
Ulcinj is the opposite to Budva. It's a very quite, small, laid back city with beautiful beaches and impressive scenery. For my fiance and I this was the perfect place to spend our vacation. When it comes to planning our vacation, I am not picky at all. All I want is a place where I can relax, take long walks down the beach, eat good food and bathe in the sea. 
The downside of vacationing in Ulcinj is the main beach that can be quite dirty sometimes and overcrowded, but the good news is that less than a 15 minute drive away, you will find Velika Plaza a beach that is 12km long and has sand as fine as flour.


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Budva Montenegro

Hi. These are pictures from Budva, the "tourist capital of Montenegro". As a tourist, you will be instantly attracted to this wonderful city. Its sandy beaches, natural beauty and historic monuments will not leave you indifferent. And, from what I heard, has a spectacular nightlife that burns like fire work. Anyway, I could care less about clubs and pubs. People my age go to bed by 11pm. What really got me fired up though was the Old Town that lies on a small peninsula and offers a splendid view to the Adriatic sea. You can stroll down the narrow streets and view important landmarks and architectural gems such as Church Sv. Trojica, the tomb of the writer Stjepan Mitrov Ljubisa, the Churches of Sv. Ivan, Sv. Bogorodica and Sv. Sava.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Bay of Kotor Montenegro

Hi. I know you were expecting the second post about Dubrovnik today, but I thought I will make a detour.
This is actually what I recommend to anyone who wants to visit Dubrovnik, to make a detour and visit the Bay of Kotor in Montenegro. It's heaven on Earth and it's only an hour's drive south of Dubrovnik. The whole ride around the bay is very picturesque and I spent much of the time with my jaw dropped at this majestic landscape.

The bay is known as Europe's southernmost fjord, but it's in fact a submerged river canyon. The dramatic backdrop of mountains and the crystal clear, and calm, waters of the bay, the cultural heritage, made UNESCO list the Bay of Kotor as one of their protected World Heritage sites. 

Also, to get a sense of how much this place impresses tourists, here is what the romantic poet, Lord Byron said of Montenegro, 'At the birth of our planet, the most beautiful encounter between the land and the sea must have happened at the coast of Montenegro. When the pearls of nature were sown, handfuls of them were cast on this soil.'

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Croatia Dubrovnik Part 1

Hi! I am back from my vacation and as always it took me some time to get back in the old routine. It's even harder when you've seen spectacular landscapes and now you look out the window and all you see are grey, dull buildings. Anyway, I feel blessed I had the opportunity to travel to some of the most beautiful parts of Europe during my trip. I will first show you pictures from one of the main tourist attraction in the Mediterranean, Dubrovnik.
Dubrovnik is also know as "the pearl of Adriatic" and it's surrounded by City Walls which are 2 km long. What I loved most about this city was the ancient architecture. The Old Town is filled with beautiful Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque churches. Of course, the azure water of Croatia's Adriatic sea is also breathtaking and mesmerizing.  

I will be back with some more pictures and stories about Dubrovnik this week. Stay tuned. 


Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The preview of H&M's Studio Collection Autumn Winter 2014

Hi! Last week I went to H&M's showroom to take a look at the preview of H&M's Studio Collection A/W 2014. In case you were wondering, H&M Studio is the new name for H&M’s seasonal fashion collection of key pieces and every season the design team behind H&M Studio will launch an exclusive collection of statement pieces. 

“I loved the mix of feminine and masculine for autumn at H&M Studio. Slip dresses and draped tops are the new essentials, especially when worn with blazers or biker jackets. It’s about taking the Parisian spirit and bringing it to the H&M world,” says Ann-Sofie Johansson, Head of Design, New Development.
The fabrics featured silk satin, fine cashmere, leather, velvet and fake fur.
My favorite pieces from this collection were the sequined stripped dress, the embroidered jacket and the black knee length boots. Of course the accessories are, as usual, to die for and the blue statement necklace is a must have for me.

The great news is that the collection will hit 250 stores worldwide on my birthday, September 4th, so I will have one more reason to celebrate that day and I will treat myself with some of these H&M beauties because as the song goes "It's my birthday and I will shop if I want to"
Or something like that.

Till next time!

Monday, June 16, 2014

White lace top and Skirt Bike

Hi! I can barely type now, but I am not going to let this stop me from blogging. My hands and feet are sore from yesterday. Why? You might ask. I learned to ride a bike at 25. You have no idea how fulfilling that moment was for me. I really thought that there was no hope for me and that I was a lost cause until I met the wonderful girls behind the project SkirtBike.

Let me tell you how I got to meet Mihaela and Roxana. Mihaela contacted me the other day to ask me if I would be interested in becoming a Skirt Bike ambassador and if I would like to be part of the project "Cyclist Fashionista". 
I was very happy that they approached me because this is a lovely project and wanted to say yes to this proposal on the spot.

The only problem was that I had no idea how to ride a bike. I was actually a little embarrassed to admit it, but I was honest with her and told her about my Achilles' heel.
To my surprise she replied that this wasn't gonna be a problem and that I could learn how to ride a bike in no time. I was like, no, no, others have tried and failed. It's just no use! I can't learn how to ride a bike.
Mihaela said that I should give it a try and come meet her and Roxana, my bike tutor, on Sunday at a Skirt Bike event.

OK. Deal! I was prepared for the worst, but hoped for the best. I arrived at the meeting point and the girls grabbed their bikes. They were very confident that I would succeed, but I was lacking the confidence and because of my doubts I couldn't do anything. I was stuck.
But then I thought to myself, these girls just met me and they believe in me, why can't I believe in myself? That's when I realized that the only one standing in the way was me and that nothing is impossible when you believe in yourself. 

I now know that a positive mindset goes a long way. I am forever grateful to Skirt Bike for this bike lesson that turned out into a valuable life lesson.

If you know how to ride a bike in a fashionable way you can participate in the Skirt Bike parade that will take place on July 6th in Bucharest. The route will be Palatul Copiilor - Bd. Tineretului, Bd. Dimitrie Cantemir, Piata Unirii - Piata Universitatii - Piata Romana - Piata Victoriei - Bd. Aviatorilor - Parcul Herastrau (intrarea Pescarus). 
Meeting hour: 15:00-16:00. Take off: 16:00.

P.S. Pretty soon, when I will master the bike riding technique, I am going to ride in a fashionable way too. In an outfit like the one below for example.

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